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It all started with whispered promises in the dark
and I held you closer than I’d ever desired
In letters we spilled our throats and told our tales
and I wanted so badly to inhale

Don’t you fade away from me, now
(my still heart)
(my jealous mind)

In fragments and patterns we would spend our days
and I always begged you for to stay
In Middle America I listened close
but you never wrote a single phrase

I believed you - your letters.

Don’t you fade away from me, now
(my still heart)
(my jealous mind)

If not for the grace of Christ I’d still explore
The small cries of that exile on the shore
Still often I fall in dreams of our strong start
and I’d give a fortune to return

My still heart... my jealous mind... your letters.


from Couples III, released August 15, 2012




Brave The Weather British Columbia

Brave The Weather is the music of Dane Letourneau and Ray and Rebecca Gourlay. Over the past 3 years, their "Couples" series of EPs has served to chronicle their story of expectations, wonder, coming of age, trials, travels, heartache, love, and family. Throughout it all, the vision has stayed the same: seize the day, grow from everything, brave the weather. ... more

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